Before March 24, 2020

Between March 24, 2020-April 24, 2020
On-site Registration
Regular Author 550USD\3500RMB 600USD\3800RMB 650USD\4100RMB
APISEMember 530USD\3300RMB 580USD\3600RMB 630USD\4000RMB
Student Author/Committee 500USD\3200RMB 550USD\3500RMB 600USD\3800RMB
Additional Paper 360USD\Paper\2300RMB 360USD\Paper\2300RMB 360USD\Paper\2300RMB
Additional Page 70USD\Page\400RMB 70USD\Page\400RMB 70USD\Page\400RMB
Presenter Only 350USD\2200RMB 400USD\2500RMB 450USD\2800RMB
Listener 300USD\1900RMB 350USD\2200RMB 400USD\2500RMB




* Regular Author: Submitting full paper to publish in conference proceeding and present your research on the conference
* Presenter: Just submitting abstract to present on the conference.
* Student Author: Providing a valid certificate from their departments.
* Additional Page: One regular paper has 6-10 pages. If the paper exceeds 6 pages, extra pages should be paid at 70 USD/ page.
* Additional Paper: One author can only publish 2 papers.

Registration file

Author: Presenter/ Listener
1 ) 中文注册表 1 ) 中文注册表
2) Registration form 2) Registration form


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